Introducing Brokers

Both individuals and legal bodies are allowed to become partners. One of the most effective ways to earn money on the web is to attract active traders and share the highest IB commission in the industry with us. At Forenexx you will get 24/7 support and guidance in your goals achievement. All you need is just to fill the form and register as an IB and start generate income by searching and attracting new customers over the Internet. It is the fastest and riskless way of earning money in the Internet. The main instrument is an affiliate link serving for counting your referrals. You will earn your commission of 1.6 pips per each deal of the users who followed your advice and opened a trading account with Forenexx. The Company offers one of the best business conditions for its partners:


   1,6 pips commission Forex



   Smart AutoRebate System (SAS) 



    Affiliate Statistics



   Promotional and Educational Materials



   Sub IBs commissions



   100% Hedged Investment Programsи


The registration in the IB system has been maximally simplified and automated. You will receive promotional materials and your affiliate link immediately after filling in the application form.