Representative office (franchising)

This is the highest level of partnership that ensures obtaining an official status in a certain city or region. Official status implies an additional reward for local representation of the company. The reward is usually calculated on the basis of the company's turnover in a certain region.

Forenexx is one of the most reliable Forex Broker in the world and provides an exclusive opportunity to share profit throughout the region even regardless the office’s activity and participation in operations. The main income to be received by representatives generally based on educational centers and consulting offices. Franchising owners allowed to use the “Forenexx” brand with the turnkey solution and development program as well as to receive affiliate commissions on the most favorable conditions:



   Access to the affiliate statistics; 



   Opportunity to create your own web-site on a separate domain; 



   Up to 1.6 pips from every client's trade;



   Percentage from company's turnover among your clients and over the region.


If you consider the possibility of opening a representative office of Forenexx, you may use our experts' experience via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.