This Expert Advisor is a tool to be used for closing all open positions by ticket in profit. Does not open positions, can only close positions.

You can select the type of profits (pips or currency) and type of tickets (buy or sell) to manage it, and specific ID (magic number).


  • CloseBuyTickets - Close all buy positions in basket profits.
  • CloseSellTickets - Close all sell positions in basket profits.
  • TypeTargetUse - Type of profits used to close positions (1=pips, 2=currency).
  • TargetInPips - Target in pips.
  • TargetInCurrency - Target in currency.
  • MagicNumber - If use 0, the EA will manage all open positions. If you use -1, the Expert Advisor will manage positions without ID. And if you use greater than 0, it will manage position with the specific ID.

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